Our Story

At Ivy I have developed a range of ethically sourced, beautifully cut, everyday t-shirts that offer style, versatility and comfort. My aim is to help women look good and feel confident in clothing that suits their bodies and lifestyles.

After 12 years as a clothing buyer, it was following the birth of my daughter, Maggie that Ivy was born.  

As a new mum, my go-to outfit was the super simple, classic combination of a t-shirt and jeans. Everything in my life had changed over night - my body, my lifestyle and my time. I still wanted to look nice and feel good but with very little time to think about what to put on each day my outfits had to be simple. First and foremost I needed t-shirts that were comfortable, that flattered my new shape and worked with my lifestyle as a new mum. None of the 50 plus t-shirts I owned ticked these boxes so I decided to create a range myself. 



A range of great fitting, premium quality t-shirts should form the foundation of every woman's wardrobe. I believe in keeping a simple garment just that, simple. At Ivy, I have sourced premium fabrics, focussed on the fit and created well-cut, classic, timeless shapes so that you can let your unique and individual style do the talking whilst having confidence in your basics.

I am a firm believer in making considered fashion purchases and Ivy t-shirts are wardrobe staples that are designed to last longer than one season. We trust the washability of our t's - they can be washed over and over again and will still feel great every time you put them on. By not having to replace your basics every season helps to make for a more sustainable wardrobe.

With the support of my husband, Andy, we launched in 2017, 1 month before the arrival of our second baby, Sam.

When we feel comfortable and confident in what we wear, we feel better in every way. Our t-shirts are for every woman, everyday.


Sally x