Create a Capsule: Part 1

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As women, we go through a great deal of changes during our lives. Our circumstances change as we go through the stages of life, our job changes as we move along our career path, our lifestyle changes, our bodies change as we age and, if you choose to, have babies. All of these periods of time mean that our wardrobes and clothes are put to the test along the way and have to change with us as we go.

By having a more limited selection of clothes, or a "capsule" wardrobe as it is commonly known, can help us be focussed from the minute our day begins by keeping our choice to a minimum. Getting dressed becomes quick and simple making for a much calmer start to the day. As a mum of 2, I will take any action possible to make the start of my day calm!

We have a lot of decisions to make as women, and a million different things on our minds all the time, so if you can simplify the decision of what to wear each day then this can help ease the load.

On average, we only wear approximately 20% of what we own. Part of living a sustainable lifestyle, is the importance of shopping our own wardrobe. Over the years, we accumulate items in our wardrobe that were maybe loved and worn a lot at the time that they were bought, but over time have become redundant to us or haven't stood the test of time. Perhaps they no longer fit, no longer work for our lifestyles or simply, and most importantly, don't make us feel good when we wear them.

At Ivy, we believe that every t-shirt in our range can work hard for you and your wardrobe. These are truly classic and timeless pieces that can create the foundation in which you build your own style and everyday looks. We know that our t-shirts wash well (because we take measures to ensure that they do) and stand the test of time and as such can be a key part of your sustainable wardrobe. 

Through our Create a Capsule series, I am sharing a set of wearable, key looks all underpinned by our t-shirts.

Part 1: Layla Dusty Rose

Look #1 - For a versatile, tonal, Spring look, wear Layla under a longline, deconstructed denim jacket for a change from a classic black blazer. Keep the look neutral by wearing with cropped wide leg ecru trousers, tonal trainers and a camel bag.

Look #2 - Denim wide leg jeans look great with a short cardigan and layered over our Dusty Rose Layla. Finish the look with some classic leopard flats and a two-tone slouch handbag.

Look #3 - For a change from denim jeans, try a skirt instead. Wear with thick black tights and chunky boots. I love this short striped cardigan to add a touch of monochrome, and complete with a black bag for a versatile everyday look. 





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