Our Responsibility

At Ivy, it is vital to us that the garments we sell are always responsibly sourced. They are produced by Sedex audited and certified garment manufacturers in Turkey and Portugal who pride themselves on being ethically and socially responsible.  

They are accredited by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and GRS (Global Recycled Standard) and are subject to regular re-evaluation of quality, ethical and environmental policies and practices.

The welfare of their staff is of paramount importance to them and us as a brand, and the factories are committed to act in accordance with local labour and environmental standards ensuring full respect for national legislation and EU recommendations for production processes.  


Our partner factory in Portugal work endlessly to ensure that future generations opt for conscientious fashion by reducing, reusing, recovering, and recycling all kinds of materials and energy sources.

They show their commitment to minimise their environmental footprint at every stage of the production chain -

🔗 They only partner with carefully selected suppliers who are working towards the same goal.
♻️ They have implemented a system of automatic separation of textile waste, cardboard, paper and plastic. All the waste is collected by companies that specialise in recycling and recovery.
💡 As part of their ongoing search for solutions that enhance energy sustainability, they have invested in LED lighting, a technology that offers both longevity and improved efficiency, and in the near future, they will be installing solar panels.
💧 Their partner factories new Bio-Laundry has been equipped with state of the art technology for reducing the use of one of the most precious resources, water, making them one of the leading companies in their sector.


We are gradually working towards our full range being produced in organic cotton. Grown chemical-free, without pesticides or insecticides, Organic Cotton requires 71% less water in production due to improved soil quality and 62% less energy than conventional cotton. 

As such, it is one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics, and doesn't undergo a harsh manufacturing process. 

By using organic methods 1,982 gallons of water is saved per cotton t-shirt. 

All of the organic cotton we use is GOTS certified - The Global Organic Textile Standard is an organisation that ensures the validity of organic materials - from the harvesting of the raw materials, to environmentally and socially responsible finishing and manufacturing.

Organic cotton is the ideal choice for those with sensitive skin or allergies, as fewer chemicals are used in its manufacture. Combined with longer, smoother fibres than regular cotton, organic cotton fabrics are softer, feel better and last longer.


At Ivy, we develop garments that are wardrobe staples not fast fashion, and as such can be worn for multiple seasons. In our small way, we hope to minimise the amount of clothing that will end up in landfill. 


Finally, the boxes, tissue paper (already recycled) and parcel tape we use to send your lovely t-shirts is all 100% recyclable.