Our Founder

Before my daughter, Maggie, was born I was a clothing buyer. I had lived and breathed big brand fashion for over 12 years and I got to know the industry pretty well. 

When I became a mum in 2016, I changed. My body, my lifestyle and my priorities were different and suddenly my job and my wardrobe weren’t a good fit for me any more.

Waking up each morning and reaching for my “new mum uniform” of t-shirt and jeans, I became increasingly dissatisfied with the quality of the t-shirts I had amassed over the years. Even with a new baby taking up most of my time, I still wanted to look nice and feel good, but none of my t-shirts were delivering.

I tried buying new tees, searching for garments that were comfortable, flattering and long-lasting, but found I was just wasting money on clothing that didn’t feel nice or make me happy and which needed to be replaced after just a few washes.

I couldn’t understand why such a simple product was so hard to get right.

That’s when I decided to use my experience from working in the fashion industry to develop the Ivy range; to stop looking for my perfect t-shirts and to create them instead.

With the support of my husband, Andy, I launched the Ivy brand in 2017, just a month before the arrival of our second baby, Sam.

I now have a business I love that works around my family, and a wardrobe full of sustainably made brilliant basics, which I rely on year round and day in, day out.

Ivy ts are classic, timeless shapes that work seamlessly with your existing wardrobe and your individual style. Ivy exists because I needed these clothes and I have been delighted to discover how many other women say that their quest for the perfect t-shirt ended at ivyt.co.uk.

When we feel comfortable and confident in what we wear, we feel better in every way. Ivy t-shirts are for every woman, every day and I hope you love them as much as I do.

Love, Sally x