Care Guide


We want your Ivy t-shirts to become part of your long-lasting, sustainable wardrobe so hope this guide helps you to understand how best to care for them.

Wash Gently:

Using a mild and gentle detergent, wash your t's inside out on a gentle, 30 degree cycle and with similar colours. 

Avoid using softeners as they can damage the fabric - our organic cotton is soft enough. 

If you have so many Breton's that you can fill a whole load, why not do a Breton wash to keep them all together?

Rack or Line Dry:

Take your clothes out of the washing machine as soon as possible once the cycle has finished and gently re-shape whilst damp.

Line or rack dry your t's or dry them in an airing cupboard - never tumble dry them because it can damage the fabrics fibres and age your t's, as well as using a huge amount of energy.


If you dry your t's as guided above, minimal ironing should be required. However when you do iron them, use a warm temperature and iron on the reverse.


Store your t's in a cool, dry place - ideally folded in a drawer. If you do hang them, be sure to use only wooden or velvet hangers (just be aware that hanging can cause misshapen shoulders).


We pride ourselves in offering premium garments that are designed and made for longevity. However, if something doesn't quite live up to your or our expecting standards, please don't hesitate to get in touch and we will do our best to rectify the situation.