Our Story


The Ivy range of organic cotton t-shirts for women was born of a fashion buyer's dissatisfaction with the cut, quality and sustainability of t-shirts on the market. An avid t-shirt and jeans wearer, Ivy founder, Sally, embraced the t-shirt as a wardrobe essential even more after the birth of her first child.

"No matter how hard I looked, I could not find a clothing brand that ticked all the boxes on my t-shirt checklist. Surely it could not be that hard to create good quality, sustainably made t-shirts from earth-kind materials, which weren't covered in fussy detailing (that dated them after a single season), didn't shrink or distort in the wash and didn't pill after just a few wears??"

Having discovered first-hand just how hard it was to find decent women's t-shirts, Sally decided to put her experience in big brand fashion to good use and create the range of t-shirts she'd been looking for herself. 

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The Premise 

Ivy's carefully curated range of women's organic cotton t-shirts has been created using the following three guiding principles:

1. Ethically Produced - Ivy garments are acquired in small batches from a factory in Portugal that is committed to sustainable growth. It has a proactive approach to both the welfare of its workers and to minimising its environmental footprint. It has implemented environment-focused systems throughout its production process and is always searching out lower-impact materials and new ways to improve its processes, for the benefit of both people and planet. 

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2. Designed to Last - Each t-shirt in the deliberately streamlined Ivy range is made to the highest standards to ensure longevity over any fast fashion rivals. All Ivy tees are made from beautifully soft organic cotton, which washes well and holds its shape. Intended for year-round layering, the cuts, colours and fabrics of Ivy wardrobe basics are simple and versatile and intended to coordinate with garments that you already own. 

3. Beautifully Cut for Every Day - Dressing up or down with ease, Ivy tees look great at parties, in boardrooms and on the dance floor, but they are also at home on your sofa, in the aisles of your local supermarket and on the school run. The Ivy range of women's organic t-shirts has been specially developed to suit your lifestyle, helping you look good and feel confident every day. 

The Story So Far 

Having started the Ivy brand to solve a personal wardrobe problem, it has been amazing to discover how many others out there are also searching for well-made sustainable, flattering and comfortable women's t-shirts. The majority of products in the Ivy collection average 5 stars in customer reviews, suggesting that, what started as the solution to one woman's dilemma, is now providing superior style, ultimate comfort and every day confidence to thousands of others too. 

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The Next Chapter 

Ivy is a small fish in the impossibly big sea of clothing retail, but it has grown so much already and has the capacity to do so much more, as happy customers spread the word about the brand that is helping them to spend less money on t-shirts that actually live up to their sales pitch. An independent sustainable clothing brand can’t stop society’s fast fashion addiction single-handedly, but it can aspire to make it easier for more and more women to shop mindfully and to enjoy their journey towards living more sustainability too. 

Looking to the future, Ivy will continue to offer timeless, great quality, wearable designs, to help women look great and feel more comfortable and confident every day. It’s our mission to tell everyone about our tees and to become the go-to brand for reliable wardrobe essentials for even more women, without faltering in our sustainable fashion promise. 

Every person who vows to buy better and buy less is having a positive impact. It’s not possible to calculate how many cheap tees haven’t been purchased because customers have found a sustainable, more reliable alternative, but it’s happening and that imaginary pile of averted textile waste inspires Ivy’s brand purpose and drives it forward. 

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