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Festival season is well and truly upon us and we are pretty excited! There are some great festivals going on near our HQ in the Cotswolds - including Wilderness, Feastival (we're going to this one) and Barn on the Farm - and with Glastonbury, Reading, Wireless and so many more coming up over the summer, we are pretty spoilt for choice for music festivals right now. 
Not only do I love the opportunity to see live music in a field, I also really enjoy the family friendly and foodie vibe to most of our local festivals. You can really get a full day or weekend of fun for all the family from the host of activities and entertainment on offer at each one and, if the sun shines too, you genuinely feel like you have won the lottery. 
If you have a festival booked this summer, you might be idly wondering what you are going to wear. You are going to be out for a whole day (or even a whole weekend), eating food out of tin foil or takeaway containers and dancing your socks off in a tent to some of your favourite bands - there are a lot of factors to consider when deciding what to wear here!
A quick search of the internet on the topic of festival fashion reveals a lot of articles telling you that what you decide to wear to your chosen event will make or break your enjoyment of the occasion. This is a fairly intimidating thing to be faced with, especially if you are used to packing for your whole family and usually just end up throwing in a random assortment of clothes for yourself at the last moment and hoping for the best. 
The problem many of us face when we think 'festival wear', is that we instantly envisage a tanned twenty-something with long legs wearing a tiny pair of denim shorts and a crocheted crop top that reveals perfectly toned abs. Whilst there is nothing wrong with embracing this look when you are older or have considerably shorter legs, the fact is that most women who attend festivals don't feel comfortable in this type of festival clothing. At the same time, no one wants to spend the day walking round the festival site feeling frumpy and unglamorous either.
With this conundrum in mind, I've put together this Ivy Summer Music Festival Mini Look Book. I hope it will inspire you to use a few key pieces to create a capsule wardrobe for summer festivals that will look great, feel comfortable and allow you to get the most out of your festival experience. 

Festival Outfits and Style Hacks 

Top Tips:
A Cross-Body Bag is Your Festival Bestie
The prospect of trying to fit everything you need for a day into a tiny cross-body bag may seem impossible, especially if you have kids in tow at a family festival, but all you really need on you at all times is your bank card and your phone. Cross-body bags leave hands free for dancing, eating and drinking and they are a safer place for valuables than your back pocket. This brown leather one is perfect, and works well with this look - I love layering our Erin over (or under) a strappy summer dress, all finished with an oversized shirt.
Don't Forget Your Sunnies 
Sunglasses are more than just stylish eyewear for bright sunny days. They hold your hair out of your face when they are on your head and they are a great disguise when you feel less that 100% the morning after the night before. Whatever the British weather forecast seems to have in store, don't forget your favourite sunnies when packing your music festival essentials. We'll be taking our ZDP sunglasses with us everywhere this summer. 
Comfy Footwear is an Absolute Festival Must
Whether you are dancing, trekking from tent to tent or queuing for the street food van, you are on your feet a lot at festivals and uncomfortable shoes will inevitably make you miserable. Flip flops and sandals may seem like a good choice for summer concerts, but if you are planning on getting up close to the main stage at any point, hightops are a lifesaver at festivals, as they provide a bit of protection when other revellers accidentally stand on your foot, but are still breathable enough for your feet to be comfortable. 
Be Prepared for Bad Weather
Unpredictable weather is a given in the UK, even in the summer months, and your festival packing list should always include layers for warmth (we recommend including a Arabella or a Sadie when you're packing) and a lightweight waterproof jacket, just in case it rains. If you suspect wellies may be an essential requirement, but you don't want to cart around a big pair of boots, pack a pair of ankle wellies instead. 
It's Okay to Crochet
Crochet garments may not make a regular appearance in your outfit choices, but the relaxed, hippie vibe they bring is perfect for festivals. You don't have to go for revealing mini dresses or bandage tops to include crochet in your festival wardrobe either. We love the style statement that the long crochet cardigan makes in the outfit below when layered over our Thia Crew or a Peggy vest.
Assume the Toilets will be Horrible!
Include toilet roll and hand sanitiser in your festival essentials. The toilets may surprise you with their cleanliness and the regular replenishment of toilet paper and hand soap, but it's better to be prepared for the worst! This is not really a fashion tip, but if you find yourself mid-flow in a toilet with no paper or soap, you are not going to feel very glam, not matter how put-together you look otherwise :-)
Sparkle Like You Mean It 
Let's face it, festivals are a great excuse to sparkle, whether you include an awesome sequin jacket in your festival attire, get your face painted in biodegradable glitter once you are there or use your favourite statement jewellery to complete your festival look. You can't be too sparkly at a festival, but we recommend leaving your heirloom jewels at home, as searching for lost items in a big field is sure to kill the buzz!
Wherever you are heading and whatever you wear, I hope you have the most amazing time at your chosen festival. If any of your Ivy tees become festival staples for you this summer, I would love to see your pictures. Just tag @ivy_thebrand in your Insta pics, so we can see the fun you are having. 
Love, Sally x

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