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Did you know that the original Breton tees were standard issue uniform for the French Navy and that each of the 21 white stripes represented one of Napoleon's victories at sea?

We've decided to put our own twist on this idea and focus on the little victories we achieve on the days we wear our Breton tees.

There may be days when you struggle to make it to 21, but it's a fun way to be more mindful and to be grateful for the small stuff.

Here are a few tiny victories worth relishing:

1. Drinking that morning coffee when it's still warm.

2. Nailing that turn-in-the-road manoeuvre in the car with an audience of three dog walkers and the postman.Β 

3. Actually remembering the shopping list and not having to stand in the veg aisle trying to visualise it on the counter at home.Β 

4. Discovering that the treat you patiently waited until pay day to buy is now on sale - and getting two to celebrate 🀩.

5. Rushing to get somewhere and having the traffic lights turn green as you approach.Β 

6. Baking a cake that looks vaguely like the picture next to the recipe and actually doesn't taste too bad either.Β 

7. Discovering that you may be a green-fingered goddess because the plant you were gifted months ago and forgot about is not dead (it's a desert plant and used to going for months without water, but you should definitely chalk it up as a win).

8. Falling back in love with a forgotten garment rediscovered at the bottom of a drawer.Β 

9. Jumping in the car for a short journey and having your favourite song played on the radio.

10. Organising The Messy Side of the fridge and discovering those vouchers under the Paw Patrol magnet are still valid.Β 

You can find out more about the the Breton tee in our Breton blog post (which reveals some very famous Breton tee devotees who love them almost as much as we do πŸ˜€).

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