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I always struggle to think of gifts for my husband as Valentines Day approaches, and we usually just end up exchanging cards and enjoying a lovely meal that we cook together - something we used to do a lot more of before having children, so it now seems like a luxury when we do manage it.

This year however, we have agreed to do something different. We are each going to buy something for ourselves that makes us happy. Given the challenges we have all experienced over the past year, how about making this Valentines day more about you too - treating yourself to something simple that will boost your mood and make you feel good. I am sure your other half wouldn't deny you this, especially seeing as when we feel good, it directly impacts those closest to us.

Just before Christmas I came across a newly launched, independent jewellery brand, selling wearable, simple, everyday pieces for mums, called Paper People.

The best bit about the range of jewellery from Paper People, is that their pieces are affordable, with all prices under £50. I can honestly say that I would wear any of the items in their collection. To me, it was like stumbling across the jewellery brand equivalent of Ivy.


I immediately contacted the founder, Jane and we decided that my t-shirts and her jewellery would work perfectly together to represent simple mum-style at its finest. So, we swapped samples and each styled a few items...

Wearing the same classic white crew neck t-shirt here, we have each layered different Paper People necklaces to show a couple of looks. The key to layering necklaces is to go for a variety of lengths, textures and weights of chains, so that each necklace can still be seen and still shine through.


If you don't want to wear multiple styles, you can keep it very simple with just one stand alone necklace like this pink disc chain Jane wears here with our Dusty Rose Layla Crew.

Jane says "I am passionate about celebrating you! As a mother and the unique individual you are, because let’s be honest sometimes we forget that mums are people too!"

Your clothing and jewellery should work well together, allowing the neckline of your t-shirt and your choice of necklaces to complement one another.

I love the simplicity of this long chain worn with our Dotty v, paired with a much shorter chain that sits above the V neck. Your jewellery can play a part in flattering your body, just like your clothing can and this longer length chain works well with our V neck t-shirt to create length in the upper body by drawing the eye down.

At Ivy, we want women to feel comfortable, stylish and ready for the day. Like you've made a bit of an effort but always making sure that you are still dressed practically for the day ahead as a busy mum. Paper people share the same ethos and their pieces are designed to lift your look in an easy to wear way. 

Personalisation is also key when it comes to everyday jewellery. Initials like this sold by Paper People are a great way to personalise your look, with either your own initial or that of someone close to you. Birth stones are another great way to add this unique touch to you look.

These pieces are a way to express yourself whilst remaining practical with your own unique mum style.
So, even if it's not a day you traditionally celebrate, how about just showing yourself some love and self care with a treat from Paper People or Ivy this Valentines.
We are also launching a special Valentines Day giveaway between 5-8th February, where one lucky winner will win an Ivy t-shirt and a piece from the Paper People range of jewellery of their choice!! Simply follow @we_are_paper_people and @ivy_thebrand on Instagram and keep your eyes peeled for all details.

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