3 Ways Olivia Wayne Wears her Audrey

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We recently celebrated our Audrey t-shirt's birthday - she was a style that was born in the throws of who knows which lockdown, when I felt like a part of Ivy hadn't quite been created yet. My aim was to develop the ultimate laid back casual style, in our softest organic cotton with rib trim details that would be a true wardrobe essential to add to our collection - and from that space grew Audrey. Since making her way from the ideas stage to our website, she has become our signature style and constant best seller. Named after my great friend Sammy's daughter, Audrey will forever be special and forever be at the heart of Ivy. Audrey sits alongside Layla in our long sleeved t-shirt range. In the same wonderfully soft organic cotton, with a turned back neckline and plain cuff finish, Layla is the most classic of Bretons in a fit to flatter all. 

This blog is to introduce you to our new feature - The Ivy Style Sessions. A series of videos featuring customers, influencers, stylists and presenters showing us how they wear their Ivy t's to help inspire you and bring you ideas of how you could wear yours to get the most not only out of your Ivy essentials, but from your entire wardrobe.

For our first session, I recently partnered with Olivia Wayne: Fashion, health, fitness, motherhood and former Sky Sports presenter and Podcast host of Liv In The Moment. Having worked with Olivia in the past, I asked her to present to you Ivy's staple t-shirts and must-haves for your Spring Summer wardrobe.


“This is the product I was sent two years ago, and I have not taken it off since. The reason I love it is it washes incredibly well, the shape has stayed exactly the same, it hasn't shrunk, it’s as soft as the day I got it and it is the most useful item in my wardrobe. Everyone needs a Breton



Olivia Wayne styles Ivy Long Sleeves...

1) How I wear my Audrey everyday:

We all know the feeling of drowning in a wardrobe full of clothes, old and new but still “having nothing to wear,”. Here at Ivy we believe in the sustainable basics - building your capsule wardrobe right so you never have to worry about the headache of over thinking about what to wear each day. Here’s what Olivia had to say about wearing her Audrey everyday:

“A baggy pair of jeans, trainers, and the t-shirt does all the talking. It's so simple but it looks like we made a lot of effort. This is a piece that I will never chuck away. It could last 50 plus washes - this t-shirt is going to stand the test of time. Talk about sustainability this is kind of what it is… you should be able to buy one t-shirt and know it's good.....you're not going to need to replenish and restock every year. So, this is Audrey. It's classic, it’s perfect and it is an essential wardrobe staple.”

2) With a black suit trouser

Tailored trousers are huge for Spring, and it doesn't have to be casual Friday for you to wear your Audrey to the office with your black suit trousers. Just pair your Breton with them and add the shoe that best fits your lifestyle and you are ready to go for anything. This is what Olivia had to say:

“So, another way to really simply wear Audrey is with a black trouser. Now, I know it is a navy stripe, but you can't really tell and I kind of like that. Anyway, I'm wearing a nice white sneaker and a black suit trouser and it's quite relaxed but to make it a little bit smarter so I could wear Audrey to a meeting or if I just want to look a bit more done up - I'd add a big chunky gold necklace and my gold hoops just to make it a bit dressier. The black trousers obviously elevate it because they are a bit smarter, but I feel really put together, nice and comfortable. Ultimately, a t-shirt is a comfort item but it doesn't mean it can't look nice, good, smart, and appropriate for lots of occasions and I think Audrey does. {the look} is really easy, really simple but I feel very put together and ready to attack the day.”

3) With a pink wide-leg trouser

Why not practice the art of living with less and getting creative with the basics? Ivy t-shirts are for everyday living and they are ethically sourced meaning they stand the test of time. Here’s how Olivia Wayne mixes up her looks with Layla:

“Colour obviously is big this Spring Summer and it's big any Spring Summer! Come on - we’re embracing the florals, we’re embracing vibrancy, new life, new blooms. And, I mean I love the pink trouser anyway but look at it with the red! I always want to do a bit of red with pink. It’s such a good look! It's not that clashy, we've moved on from “you can't wear red and pink” we know that. Actually more is more is more and this is a subtle way of doing it. This t-shirt really lends itself to that cover half your hand, hold the cuff, feel quite casual, feel quite relaxed. But I think this is a very cool look. This is a great going out for brunch or a chilling look, use the white puffer. I'm wearing it with the almond toe ballet shoe. Any shoe, trainer, a furry slide, anything, a dad sandal, a flip flop.”

4) Add even more colour…

Even though you can wear Layla or Audrey all year round, this look by Oliva is definitely summer-inspired because, well, who wants to think about sweaters when it’s finally starting to feel nice outside? Pop on a light, vibrant blazer and complete your look with Audrey.

“If we were going to be crazy and I’m all about being crazy. I know it’s a lot but sometimes you want to be a lot. So how else to elevate a red Breton…chuck on loads of colour! I mean, maybe I'd stick with a white, or maybe I'll stick with the pink stripe like this. But I'm feeling it, I'd do it. I'd get looks but I know deep down everyone would love the look. So yeah, add color, more is more is more. Play with it, have fun, jeez we’ve got to get our fun where we can. We’ve got to inject a little bit of joy. And I think a way of doing that is with colorful clothing!”


We love seeing you get creative in your own way, designing your unique looks to help you feel confident in clothing that suits your body and lifestyle, and hope that Olivias looks inspire you! Please share with us how us how you style your Ivy t's and use the #wearityourway

You can watch the full Style Session with Olivia here:

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