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Nothing embodies low-key chic quite like a Breton top. With an everlasting appeal, it's no wonder these famous stripes have graced some of the most stylish Icons in history; from Audrey Hepburn to Brigitte Bardot or even John Wayne - the Breton has definitely earned its stripes.

The Breton is a versatile and easy piece to wear that can strike the perfect balance between pulled-together and laid-back. You can style it different ways to achieve different looks - wholesome seaside vibes with flats and boyfriend jeans, or smarter looks with a blazer and red lips. 

Here at Ivy, we have a huge appreciation for Breton stripes and we love to make the Breton the focus of any wardrobe…there's a plethora of colourways to choose from but today we want to share with you our love for red and white stripes.

Layla is our most classic of Bretons. Made in 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, this fabric is super-soft, drapes beautifully, feels wonderful and stands the test of time. Simply put, she is a timeless classic and deserves a place in everyone’s wardrobe. Our vibrant red colourway is a modern and vibrant update on a must-have style.

Not sure where to start?

I recently partnered with Olivia Wayne: Fashion, health, fitness, motherhood and former Sky Sports presenter and Podcast host of Liv In The Moment.

Olivia got her first Ivy t-shirt back in 2019. Over the course of 3 years, Olivia’s Ivy collection grew as did her learnings about the Ivy brand. Olivia has rounded up 6 of the best ways to style Layla

I absolutely love this one [Layla]. I love the shape of it. I love how relaxed it is. It’s so soft and it's really nice having a red and white Breton for change.”

6 ways to get the most out of your Layla

"This probably gonna be one of those really diverse, versatile pieces that you have in your wardrobe, that you don't give much thought to, but pull out time and time again with all your different outfits and options."

Look 1: Relaxed cotton twill jogger

"These are just a baggy, kind of green, not cargo, but relaxed kind of cotton twill jogger for spring summer. I am wearing them with a slipper/slide, these are actually shoes but I wear them all the timebut they are a bit warmer for spring. It’s just such a nice look. A bit of red brings some brightness, some colour, some interest, some spring vibes."

Look 2: You can’t go wrong with a blazer

"Obviously you can wear with a denim jacket or that white puffer and if you want to toughen it up a little bit, I guess you could actually chuck on a blazer over it. You can’t ever go wrong with a blazer or a shacket, literally all the coat and outerwear options are perfect.

I mean this t-shirt makes the outfit. Like yes, I love these items in my wardrobe but this is where your eye is drawn - it's the focal point. It gives me more colour and vibrancy to my face - just having a bit of red absolutely. I’m a bit pale at the moment, but Layla I’m feeling you for sure."

Look 3: Leather skirt and white high heel boots

"How good does Layla look with a leather skirt? I love it. White high heeled boots. Perfect transitional dressy. You have the warmth of the leather but then a really nice Breton on top to keep it quite fresh and appropriate for the changing seasons. But you feel nicely put together. 

Again, obviously I could wear any of the Breton colour ways; pale blue and white, navy blue and white this and the plain ones but I really like it with the red. I feel really fresh and ready to go. Not a big deal - chuck on a skirt and a high heel. Could even wear the trainer. And, yeah really really enjoying it."

Look 4: Cashmere chucked on top

"Even we could make it a bit warmer with a cashmere chucked on top or just draped around our shoulders. Really really lovely, I mean I think any kind of plain cashmere jumper with Breton is hit for me. What a piece. What a winner. Can't go wrong. There you go, ready to go, off out to lunch!"

Look 5: Wide leg pink suit trouser

"OK, Layla is now with a wide leg pink trouser, a suit trouser. Colour obviously is big this Spring Summer and it's big any Spring Summer! Come on - we’re embracing the florals, we’re embracing vibrancy, new life, new blooms. And, I mean I love the pink trouser anyway but look at it with the red! I always want to do a bit of red with pink. It’s such a good look! It's not that clashy, we've moved on from “you can't wear red and pink” we know that. Actually more is more is more and this is a subtle way of doing it. This t-shirt really lends itself to that cover half your hand, hold the cuff, feel quite casual, feel quite relaxed. But I think this is a very cool look. This is a great going out for brunch or a chilling look, use the white puffer. I'm wearing it with the almond toe ballet shoe. Any shoe, trainer, a furry slide, anything, a dad sandal, a flip flop.”

Look 6: Vibrant green blazer

“And, If we were going to be crazy and I’m all about being crazy. I know it’s a lot but sometimes you want to be a lot. So how else to elevate a red Breton…chuck on loads of colour! I mean, maybe I'd stick with a white, or maybe I'll stick with the pink stripe like this. But I'm feeling it, I'd do it. I'd get looks but I know deep down everyone would love the look. So yeah, add color, more is more is more. Play with it, have fun, jeez we’ve got to get our fun where we can. We’ve got to inject a little bit of joy. And I think a way of doing that is with colorful clothing!”


We love seeing you get creative in your own way, designing your unique looks to help you feel confident in clothing that suits your body and lifestyle, and hope that Olivias looks inspire you to get the most out of not only your Ivy essentials, but from your entire wardrobe.

Please share with us how us how you style your Ivy t's and use the #wearityourway

You can watch the full Style Session with Olivia here:


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