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Hey there 2021! I've no idea how we actually got through 2020 and things are a long way from being back to normal as we head into this new year. I had a big birthday just 2 days before Christmas, so combined with the gifts from big Santy C, I received some truly lovely things from my friends and family. So, for my first blog post of 2021 I thought I would share with you a few of these special pieces.

Being something I don't usually buy for myself, I always crave new jewellery as my birthday and Christmas approach. As this birthday was a biggie, I was really hoping for some new treasures. These necklaces were from my mum and mother-in-law and I think look great when worn together, with chains in different lengths and textures.


Of course, an Ivy t-shirt is the perfect base for layering up your necklaces and I love playing around with mine to create different looks so these 2 will be great additions to my collection - check out this brilliant IGTV from one of the fantastic stylists I work with @louloustorey_stylist for tips and hints on the best ways to layer your necklaces.

The one my mum bought for me is my birth stone, blue topaz. It is from ethical jewellery brand Edge Of Ember. Their mission is simple: to create timeless, personal jewellery that can be worn every day. The jewellery equivalent of Ivy it seems!

The seashell from my mother-in-law represents my love of the ocean and was from London based brand @alisonfernjewellery. Alison's pieces are inspired by art and nature and the company share our commitment to quality and sustainability.

To continue the theme of jewellery, these vintage looking earrings were from my oldest, dearest friend Jen, aka @stovoldandpogue. I put them straight in and haven't taken them out since - I love that they are much more than a simple stud or plain hoop, but are still wearable all day every day, and add a special touch to any outfit during lockdown. 

The same friend also bought me this stunning wall hanging from @maxmademedoit. The message says it all and is a daily reminder to spread kindness to everyone including myself. 

From another dear friend, this small cross body bag has to be one of the most useful bags I've ever had. Especially at the moment, where I am going no where with the kids, which immediately eliminates the need for the endless paraphernalia that being out and about with small children entails. Instead, it is just perfect for my daily trips to the post office, and occasional trips to the supermarket. With room for my phone, bank cards, mask and a small bottle of hand sanitiser, it really is all I need right now.

I have never found a pair of gloves that are practical, warm and a little bit interesting - but these Jigsaw leather gloves are perfect! With the added detail of a knitted wrist cuff, it elevates a pair of simple leather gloves - the knitted section can be worn up around the wrist to snuggly plug the gaps between your hands and coat, or folded over the glove to break up the leather. Hands down, the best gloves ever!

Now, onto my new books. Reading has always been a passion of mine. A time to relax, escape and imagine. Since having children, my reading time is limited to a brief ten minutes before my eyes close at bedtime. This can be frustrating when I am really stuck into a book. Which is why Life In Pieces by Dawn O'Porter has been the perfect one to quickly pick up put down since being given it at Christmas. Written in journal format, you can very easily dip in and out without losing the flow of Dawns witty, heartfelt, emotional account of last year.

Ever since reading and devouring One Day, David Nicholls instantly become one of my favourite authors so I will look forward to reading Sweet Sorrow next.

I have been longing for a pair of Their Nibs pyjamas for a while and I was given these amazing ones from my siblings-in-law and I LOVE them. Their prints are truly unique and I just love the vivid colours they use, on top of which the pj's are super comfy, a lovely fit and wash well. I often mix up how I wear them by replacing the pj top with one of my Ivy t's for more of a loungewear look rather than a bedtime look.

We all need a great mug and this one from @hotteamama was given to me by my great friend, mother of 3, business owner and all round superhero Sammy aka @happyheartsfirstaid, and it's the best. A daily reminder that all mums are superheroes, and to remember to try and drink your tea or coffee whilst it is still hot. One afternoon last week I went to heat up my luke warm cup of tea in the microwave, only to find the cup from that morning still in there, forgotten about and certainly not hot! This lockdown, I am determined to drink my hot drinks while they are hot!

My brother and sister-in-law gave me this selection of Tropic skincare goodies - this is a brand that I have been meaning to try for some time but for one reason or another, got stuck in the rut of always buying the same products. Needless to say, I am loving them - they feel amazing, smell incredible and I am totally on board with the fact that they use only natural ingredients that are sustainably sourced to create freshly made products that are truly kind to your skin. 


And finally, as an extra something special that I am still looking forward to, my husband has pre-ordered me these fab dungarees from Boden which I can't wait to receive and start layering with all of my Ivy's. 


I think its fair to say, I was a lucky lady and do feel very spoilt and totally set up for the inevitably challenging year ahead - with ways to escape, pamper, relax, and boost me with plenty of sentimental meaning from people I love dearly who I have not seen and won't be seeing any time soon.

Stay home and stay safe,

Sally x


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