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Towards the end of 2019, my sister-in-law introduced me to one of the warmest, most genuine woman I have met in the industry, Alison.Style.

Alison is a talented and experienced personal stylist who can solve wardrobe dilemmas, whilst celebrating individuals, helping and supporting them to achieve their style goals. Alison had recently visited my sister-in-law for one of her in-person style sessions and wardrobe detox's, during which Alison was introduced to Ivy which features heavily in her wardrobe. Since this introduction, Alison and I have connected and have been working together on various projects. We were planning our first photo shoot when lockdown began. Disappointed not to be able to continue with the shoot, I asked Alison if she would like to write a guest blog for us which she very kindly agreed to do. This is what she shared.


"As a stylist, one of my most frequently asked requests has to be, ‘Does the perfect white t-shirt actually exist?' Good question. We are so often told in magazines, blogs and by those with enviable wardrobes that the perfect white t-shirt is a critical outfit building item and my clients who have yet to find one refer to the perfect white t-shirt 'gap' in their wardrobe like an embarrassing personal failure.

For many of us, the panic of spending a little more on such a basic item (even though we know that it will be worn regularly and relied on time and time again) can be daunting as we want it to do so much given everything we know about it’s potential. Habitually, we settle for the same one, from the same shop, in the same fit for a small cost despite the fact we know that it will shrink gradually in the wash, lose its shape and freshness. These t-shirts are not perfect and fall straight into the ‘it really isn’t perfect but it will do’ category, time and time again. But this is a cycle that can and must be broken, both for the environment and to relieve our outfit building stress levels!

This problem is something I like to devote a lot of time to when working with clients, paying particular attention to all the credentials including: length of body, sleeve length and looseness, fabric weight, neckline, chest detailing, stitching, colour, fabric drape…and so the list goes on! Each item on this list is specific to each individual and must be considered. So, when I came across Ivy (through a lovely client, actually!) I was really excited to meet with Sally and see the full range. I was not disappointed.  

Here are some of the reasons I think the Ivy range is perfect for my clients: 

  1. The fabric weight is neither clingy nor baggy; it skims the frame and retains its shape whether tucked or left loose.
  2. The length! Everyone talks about the length as there is no fear of revealing tummy or it sitting at an unflattering length. 
  3. The sleeve is great as it hangs slightly loose on the arm.
  4. The neckline! No neckline, whether scoop or crew, is tight ensuring the space between the bust and neckline is neither stretched nor does it become the focal point of the t-shirt.

Whether tucked at the front with a high waisted midi skirt, or tucked slightly into jeans, the fabric will relax around the tuck creating an effortless look. Equally left loose under a knit to show a glimpse around the hem it will break up the look perfectly. 

I am SO grateful for this discovery that I now have 3 Ivy t-shirts in my collection. I literally live in them most days so I need the back up whilst the others are in the wash and that for me is the perfect capsule piece, not necessarily what you read about in magazines."

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