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Such exciting times at the moment as it finally feels as though everything is starting to come together in the lead up to a realistic launch date for Ivy.

One of the biggest milestones so far was fixing the date for our photo shoot and receiving the photo samples. We were so, so fortunate to have had our first collection shot by Annie Oswald Moore, an incredible photographer, and friend of ours who also took our wedding photos. 

We could not have asked for more perfect wedding pics, so she was the first and only person to come to mind when deciding who to ask to shoot for Ivy.

We kept the theme of the shoot really clean and simple (so simple that we shot it at home!), with just plain walls as a backdrop, as we knew this would be by far the best way to showcase the t’s and evoke the simplicity of the brand.

A good friend of Annie’s, the beautiful Anastasia, modelled for us, and with her natural, modern look, she has made our t’s look fantastic.

The photo samples arrived a few days ahead of the shoot, and this was the first time seeing each style in its correct colour and with our branding on, and we are so happy with them.

On the day of the shoot, trusty grandma came down to look after Maggie. As much as I love her usually bumbling around while I am working, this was the one occasion when we simply needed to crack on in a very limited time frame.

Both Annie and Ana were amazing, and having only had 3 hours sleep the night before, kept me on track! They were both really complementary about the t’s during the shoot, and they really did look great, and are delivering what we set out to do.

We really are on countdown to launch now!

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