Ivy - It's July!

It’s safe to say that it has been a while since my last blog.  My main excuse being that as a full time mum to a very active toddler with a busier social life than me when I was 25, getting Ivy off the ground is probably taking me 50 times longer than if I was doing it full time!

The exciting thing is that over the past few months, we have got our sampling underway and we are not far from approving the fits for our first 4 Ivy t-shirt styles.  These first 4 styles are essential shapes, very wearable, in a great fit that will make women feel comfortable, confident and stylish.

We have also had our first samples of labels and branding back, which are also looking great.  I am so tempted to share an image of these, but think we should wait for a big reveal when we launch.

With these long, light summer days we are enjoying, Ivy is really gaining pace and continues to be an exciting work in progress that I hope to launch this Autumn.