Ivy - What's in a name?

Posted by Sally McLaren on

The brand name came about as Ivy is my daughter Maggie’s middle name.  I wanted to use a word that meant something to me but that was also ambiguous in what we do.

For the creation of the Ivy graphics & branding, I called upon a friend and previous colleague to put a package together for me.

I actually came up with how I wanted the logo to look, and he helped bring it to life and develop it into the labelling and branding that will appear on our Ivy t-shirts.

Seeing his work for the first time was really exciting, and totally made the brand that had so far only existed in my own head, come to life.

I wanted the logo to be uncomplicated and minimalistic. I also love the way the letters abstractly spell out the word “my”.  In my head, this represents “my” favourite t, and I really hope our styles soon become your fave’s too. 

As for the branding that will be on the garments, this is being sampled at the moment and I can't wait to see them, so watch this space…

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