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There is no doubt that the humble t-shirt is versatile.  The possibilities and outfits you can create with a great fitting, simple t-shirt really are endless.

Thanks to our very unsettled British weather, dressing at this time of the year can be a challenge and for this reason, I have a bit of a love hate relationship with Autumn.  

I love the colour changes that you see everywhere you look, from the leaves on the trees, to the darker afternoons filling the sky and making it feel so cosy being indoors, to the dark mornings that mean that you don’t need to worry about the kids being woken up by the tiniest glint of sunlight streaming in through their bedroom windows.  But yet they’re still up at 5.30?!?

I also love the wardrobe change. Although its always sad to put the sandals away, Autumn means its time to dig out the coats, winter boots, tights and the knitwear.  Does anyone ever have enough knitwear?  Its one off my obsessions!

I also love that there are suddenly so many things to be collected by my mini people whenever you walk out of the front door, from acorns and conkers to crunchy orange leaves.  Pockets and buggies soon begin to over flow with Autumn treasures.

However, on the flip side, I hate that I never know how the weather might change throughout the day, despite possibly having a spare second in the morning to check an albeit sketchy forecast to help guide me through the day.  Often an outfit I've chosen in the morning can become totally unsuitable for the weather once the day pans out.  Mornings can be drizzly but mild, meaning for the school run I often have to de-layer after the first leg due to over heating.  Or, it can be sunny with clear skies but colder than it may initially appear meaning I am slightly on the chilly side for most of the day.



Just a few weeks ago, my jeans or dungarees worn with a t-shirt and coat or jacket was definitely going to be all I needed.  This is easy with our Ivy t-shirts looking so great worn simply under a lovely winter coat or classic leather jacket...but now the weather has turned so its not quite so straight forward. 

Now I reach for all of the layers...always an Ivy t-shirt, a cosy jumper or cardigan, followed by a coat.  However, by the afternoon the sun might be out and streaming through our glass filled kitchen, heating it up nicely.  The knitwear comes off and the Ivy t-shirt remains the perfect single layer that I need.



Sometimes I will mix it up and replace the denims for a skirt, usually for a meeting or something a little more exciting than working from home.


Ultimately, I love the layers and the outfit possibilities, and textures you get from combining jersey t-shirts with fine, chunky or cable knitwear, winter coats and woolly accessories. 

I’d love to know how you dress for Autumn and what your style tips are for managing the changeable British weather at this time of the year...


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