IVY - A good t-shirt is like a best friend

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When I think about my oldest, most faithful and favourite t-shirts, they all tell a story and represent a part of my life, and for that reason I am very attached to them, just like my friends. 

There are your long term, oldest friends who sadly, for whatever reason (in my case distance) you don't see nearly as often as you would like.  Despite the miles between us, these friends are cherished and the memories we share will never be forgotten.  On the occasions that life does allow us to get together, it's like time has stood still and nothing has changed.  There is closeness and connection (and a lot of laughter) that only those that have known you for most of your life can share.  Much like the t-shirts that have been in my wardrobe for years and years and I will never part with.

There is the “I heart NY” t-shirt bought 15 years ago when exploring the city that never sleeps.  I bought this now faded and bobbled faithful t-shirt from a street vendor near Times Square when staying with a friend who was living and working there at the time.  

Following the Big Apple theme, and fast forward 5 years to 2009, it was on one of my annual inspirational shopping trips as a buyer that led me to buy my “Fashion’s Night Out 2009” t-shirt.  A souvenir from NY fashion week bought from a boutique in the Meat Packing District.  These old friends are worn a handful of times a year, and have been washed to within an inch of their lives but are still going strong and far too meaningful for me to ever part with.

Also cherished but worn just a few times a year, is the “Wifey” t-shirt my best friend gave to me when I got engaged, for everything that it represents. Becoming a wife, and for my oldest and dearest friend who gave it to me at such a pivotal time in my life.

Then there are the even older t-shirts I have kept for sentimental reasons, but no longer wear – the “Winnie-The-Pooh” t-shirt that my dad gave to me as a 6 year old child.  Pooh was stuck in Rabbits hole, his face on the front of the t-shirt, his bottom on the back!  I vividly remember it drowning me like an oversized dress at the time.  This one I think will be handed on to my daughter soon for it to also drown her.

Also kept but not worn, the Billabong t-shirt from my travels throughout Australia that is now so faded and soft from so many washes, along with many festival and gig t-shirts I have bought over the years, which are now like crop tops.  I will never part with these old friends and memories.

Then there are the newer friends who have been in your life for a shorter length of time who, in my case I have met since having children.  The life changing act of becoming a parent and literally "joining the club" means that these friends are now my daily and weekly support network and without whom I couldn't have survived the last 3 years of motherhood!

At the same stage of my life, I launched my dream business IVY and the essential basics in my wardrobe got an overhaul.  Fitting my post baby body like a dream, going with everything and being long-lasting, my IVY t-shirts are like these friends.  They are my go-to on a daily and weekly basis and never let me down. 

For different reasons, all of these t-shirts and friends are special to me and even if they are no longer worn or regularly seen, the memories we hold will stay with me for life.


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