IVY - What is your neck shape style?

Posted by Sally McLaren on

When it comes to building outfits, it is essential to get your top line right, which means wearing body shapes, and specifically neck shapes that suit you and make the best of your look. 



This deeper, wider neckline can help to make a bigger bust appear smaller, whilst also flattering narrow shoulders and accentuating your collarbone.

A scoop creates a balanced silhouette between wider hips and the upper body.





The V draws the eye down and gives a taller looking feel to the torso making this the perfect neck shape for petite women.

Showing off your décolletage, the V also slims the neck and face, as well as being great for a narrow shoulder with the visual line going up and out.  The V is basically universally flattering. 




The crew will accentuate your face and is great for small or medium busts, a long neck or wide shoulders. 

Definitely the go-to choice if you’d rather not show too much of the décolletage area. 



We often hear from women who find that a classic crew neck doesn't suit them, finding it slightly too close to the neck. Our low crew neck shape is perfect for those women, who want something slightly lower, more relaxed and wider through the neck. A very wearable neck shape that suits all body shapes.

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