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Caroline Sullivan is a mum of girls and personal stylist who focusses on the effects that clothing has on women's self-beliefs. With a psychology degree, alongside a wealth of experience in the fashion industry it is this approach to her work that first struck a chord with me. We share the same understanding that when women feel comfortable, they feel confident. Caroline's mission is "to bring inspiration and confidence to all women in the clothes they own and how they wear them."

Caroline works as a Fashion Stylist as well as curating her classic yet edgy daily style on her Instagram feed.

Read on for Caroline’s guest blog where she shares her key ways to wear the classic Breton t this Spring...

“The humble stripe tee, who doesn’t own one? It is surely a feature in most women’s wardrobes, and for good reason too. So versatile, so timeless, so easy to wear. However, like most of you my stripe tees consisted of only blacks and navy’s. For a piece I wear so much I was surprised I didn’t have more variety in my collection. So when Sally from Ivy got in touch and asked if I’d like to style one of their new spring stripes, I thought a ways to wear would be the best way to show you all how to incorporate some spring stripes into your wardrobe too.

Under a jumpsuit

This is such a great way to transition your summer pieces for spring. I’m wearing it under my khaki boiler suit but this would work just as well under any jumpsuit or a pair of dungarees. Just make sure you have a hint of those spring stripes shining through. 

With white denim 

For me, white on white screams spring. Team your stripe tee with white denim, chunky sandals and a trench and you’re good to go. I loved this long sleeve tee with my sleeveless trench but it would work just as well with a classic one. 


Pair with a denim shirt

The denim shirt has made such a come-back this spring and an oversized one is perfect to layer over your stripe tee. Experiment with double denim or wear some leather trousers & trainers for a simple everyday look. 

I love good quality basics & think they are the building blocks to so many outfits. By simply wearing a lighter stripe tee, all of these looks (which I already owned) are now perfect for spring.” 




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