Ivy - Mags, The Bump and the Business

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It’s 1pm on a Saturday and I have just put Mags down for her afternoon nap, after a morning of quality dad and daughter time in the Chiltern Hills. The time I do get with her is precious, as I am working in London and travelling around the country quite a bit.  However, I’m absolutely shattered - our little 20 month old munchkin has been going non stop since 6am, only stopping for a moment to observe the ‘copters’ flying overhead. Her countless observations, puddle jumping and cries for attention have wiped me out.

This calls for couch time, a chance to catch some of the lunch time kick off and a well deserved afternoon power nap, so I think. Is this the norm for all of us first time fathers, or should we be maximising time whilst they sleep? I should really be heading to the gym, or better still, building the cot for the impending arrival of Macca Jnr. That’s right, No.2 is on the way in 5 weeks.

Just as my eyes are getting heavy, even though there is a thrilling north London derby playing out in front of me, she wakes....noooooooo! And off we go again.

Imagine this every day of the week, 13+ hours a day. Plus all the other house chores. Not easy going - there certainly isn’t time for a lunchtime snooze. Oh and then there’s the new business.

Ivy, has been SJ’s ‘2nd baby’ for the past 18 months, and now the launch is only days away, with our actual 2nd baby due to arrive in the next 5 weeks.

Maggie, the bump and the business means that SJ has literally no time to herself, but that doesn’t bother her. Any spare moment I hear her on the phone to suppliers as the first order is dispatched from the factory in the near East, or working on a launch comms plans. Fair play to all you working mums out there juggling family and a career. Having witnessed it first hand, I am full of admiration.

The Ivy journey from conception to launch has not been easy, or without a few speed bumps along the way. This is just the start, but I am incredibly proud of what SJ has achieved so far.

I’m off to build that cot, not long now.

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